Managing the Talent Shortage: 3 High-Impact Responses for Talent Development Leaders

Thursday, January 19, 2023 2:00pm - 3:00pm EST

Host: Association for Talent Development
By: Steven Dion, Founder and CEO, Dion Leadership

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As you turn the calendar to a new year, the talent shortages that organizations have contended with throughout the past year remain. With no clear end in sight, it’s time for talent development leaders to take practical action to support business leaders.

In a January Talent Development Leader article called “Time to Pitch In,” talent development expert Steve Dion shared both the strategic and tactical role talent development leaders can play in addressing this highly disruptive business problem. In this follow-up webinar, he will discuss the three specific triage activities mentioned in the article: reprioritize work, rethink staffing, and reimagine what is possible and necessary. He will also share tools, strategies, and insights you can apply to hit the ground running in 2023.  

During this webinar, you’ll learn how to:

  • Convey the severity of the talent shortage to executives.
  • Balance strategic system-wide talent management activities with localized consulting support in the short term.
  • Implement three high-impact talent development activities that will help people managers mitigate the effects of their talent shortages.
  • Coach leaders to manage in a staff-constrained environment.

To remain valuable to your organization during this labor crisis, you must shift from traditional infrastructure-building activities to “boots on the ground” talent consulting. This learning session will prepare you for that transition.  


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Steven Dion
Steven Dion

Founder and CEO, Dion Leadership

Steve Dion is founder and CEO of Dion Leadership, a leadership and organization development consulting firm based in Michigan. Steve has dedicated his career to understanding and improving organizational cultures through the creation and deployment of innovative leadership development, executive coaching, team effectiveness, and talent assessment programs.

Steve is an executive board member at Fast Company and a regular contributor to CEO World, Chief Executive, Training Industry, and HR Certification Institute’s (HRCI) HR Leads Business blog. Steve and his Dion Leadership colleagues recently launched a new research-based training product that supports work-life alignment