Recession Proof your Talent: Success in Problem Solving

Wednesday, April 26, 2023 2:00pm - 3:00pm EDT

Host: Association for Talent Development
By: Ben Lowell, BookClub

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Whether a recession is coming, is here, or we’re in one doesn’t matter—because in any of these scenarios, there are certain skills your talent can develop that will help your organization come out on top, no matter what. Many of these skills center on skills of the future—soft skills—particularly how they are employed in teams. It turns out that disengagement is largely a solvable problem fundamentally rooted in stress. Stress causes us to shut down, isolate ourselves, and act irrationally.

However, great managers can turn this around, even in the most challenging situations. In this webinar, we’ll cover the science of creating high-performing teams, how leaders can change the game for their team members, and how, when properly equipped, those teams can bond together to weather the recession (or fear of it!) and come out stronger on the other side.

After this event, you will:

  • Understand what we believe the biggest, forthcoming challenges facing L&D teams will be.
  • Gain ideas about how to cultivate talent that withstands and survives recessions.
  • Learn the role of problem solving in building high-performing teams.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Primary Capability Covered: Future Readiness

Participation in this event can be reported for one (1) point of professional development for initial certification or recertification of the APTD or CPTD credential. 



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Ben Lowell
Ben Lowell


Ben is addicted to learning and is a self-proclaimed lifelong learner. He has worked for Fidelity Investments, Instructure, Pluralsight, and Class Technologies, and has held various roles, including director of L&D, director of e-learning, facilitator/instructional designer, learning consultant, enterprise sales, and one of his favorite roles, Jr. high Spanish teacher.

Ben is passionate about stories and books and believes in the power of compelling stories to change lives. Ben was born in South America and has lived a combined nine years across Ecuador, Guatemala, and Puerto Rico. Ben currently resides in Utah with his wife and three daughters. Outside of work, Ben is a freelance actor, composer, and aspiring playwright.