Deliver Modern Learning With AI and Adaptive

Tuesday, November 7, 2023 2:00pm - 3:00pm EST

Host: Association for Talent Development
By: Manoj Kulkarni, Chief Executive Officer, Realizeit

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Modern learning seems elusive and difficult to define, which makes it hard, if not impossible, to achieve. But most of us know what it is not. Modern learning is not one-size-fits-all courses, and it is not long-form e-learning that gives you zero visibility beyond who has clicked through some content and checked “done.”

Join Manoj Kulkarni, CEO at Realizeit, to hear stories of how companies are modernizing their learning across the top challenges that every company faces. Discover how companies are improving learning in core areas like leadership, compliance, onboarding, and upskilling as they create bite-sized adaptive learning journeys. Explore what modern learning can look like by mapping the journey and leveraging adaptive, AI-powered intelligence to assess skill levels and personalize each learner’s path, whether delivering a short compliance course or a full-blown skills academy.

During this event, you will learn:

  • Why companies are creating a modern learning approach and what modern learning means
  • Why adaptive learning is part of a modern learning strategy
  • The role AI plays as part of an adaptive and modern learning ecosystem 

Primary Capability Covered: Technology Application

Participation in this event, either live or recorded, can be reported for one (1) point toward the professional development requirement for inital certification eligibility or recertification of the APTD or CPTD credential.


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Manoj Kulkarni
Manoj Kulkarni

Chief Executive Officer, Realizeit

Manoj Kulkarni leads all aspects of Realizeit’s commercial development and operations globally. He has a long tenure as a senior executive providing transformational leadership in high-volume, global businesses in education, technology, and retail sectors. He is the former CTO for Career Education Corporation, where he pioneered the implementation of AI-based personalized learning across large-scale ground and online institutions powered by Realizeit’s technology. His work at Career Education has resulted in numerous awards and accolades for EdTech innovation from Information Week, Computerworld, and others.