Gain the AI Edge: Knowledge Management Is Your Competitive Advantage

Wednesday, June 26, 2024 2:00pm - 3:00pm EDT

Host: Association for Talent Development
By: Leslie Farinella, Content Innovation Strategist, Xyleme and Conrad Gottfredson, Ph.D., Rw.E., Founding Partner and Chief Learning Strategist, APPLY Synergies

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Artificial intelligence (AI) has become a focal point for many companies aiming to enhance business outcomes and drive efficiency. In the domain of learning and development, discussions are underway about the potential for AI to transform content creation, strategy, and personalization. However, the true impact of AI on learning and development remains unclear. Join Conrad Gottfredson and Leslie Farinella as they explore the changing landscape of AI and its influence on the future of learning.

Conrad Gottfredson, founder of the 5 Moments of Need, and Leslie Farinella, Content Innovation Strategist at Xyleme, will discuss the top questions they get asked about AI:

  • What practices should we keep, change, and adapt as we think about AI and learning content management?
  • What capabilities do we need to unlock AI’s potential to ensure employees have the skills and access to the knowledge they need to succeed?
  • Why should L&D partner with talent and knowledge management to elevate our learning designs?

Primary Capability Covered: Technology Application

Participation in this event, either live or recorded, can be reported for one (1) professional development point toward initial certification or recertification requirements for the APTD or CPTD credential.



Leslie Farinella
Leslie Farinella

Content Innovation Strategist, Xyleme

Leslie Farinella is passionate about bringing together technology, business strategy, process improvement, and change management to address big, complex business problems—the ones that require creativity and perseverance to resolve. Leslie and her team are using technology (Xyleme's industry-leading Learning Content Management System, sometimes called a Component Content Management System) to reimagine how organizations design and develop learning content at scale. 

Conrad Gottfredson, Ph.D., Rw.E.
Conrad Gottfredson, Ph.D., Rw.E.

Founding Partner and Chief Learning Strategist, APPLY Synergies

Dr. Conrad Gottfredson is a founding partner and the chief learning strategist at the 5 Moments of Need, an organization that specializes in helping learning professionals design, develop, maintain, and measure effective learning and performance support through the 5 Moments design methodology. Con has deep experience helping organizations optimize their entire learning ecosystem. He helps companies identify and implement the 5 Moments of Need Solutions along with the methodology, technology, and organizational support infrastructure they need to be able to design, build, implement, optimize and evaluate those solutions. He has designed, developed, and managed many hundreds of learning and performance solutions addressing the complete scope of delivery systems, strategies, audiences, and settings. These settings have ranged from small to large international corporations, governmental agencies, universities, and religious organizations.