Leveraging the Best in Culturally Diverse Workforces

Tuesday, April 23, 2013 11:00am - 12:00pm EDT  
Host: Association for Talent Development
By: Judy Shen-Filerman, Dreambridge Partners

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Understand key factors that truly catalyze engagement and performance in the 21st century professional.

Your workforce is becoming more diverse, whether your company is U.S.-focused or globally-focused. As your professionals expand in culture, race, ethnicity, or gender, it’s critically important to know how their motivations, communications, and needs are different. You can no longer use one “playbook” to effectively manage this changing workforce. This webcast will address some critical factors for success in motivating and managing the 21st-century workforce.


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Judy Shen-Filerman
Judy Shen-Filerman

Dreambridge Partners

Judy Shen-Filerman is founder and principal of Dreambridge Partners LLC, a cross-cultural leadership development firm focused on cultivating success for students, professionals, and teams, with expertise in working with Asian and international individuals. Her practice builds on three critical capacities: self-aware leadership, contextual communication, and collaborative interpersonal relationships.

Judy is an accomplished business leader, consultant, and entrepreneur with an expansive 20-year career. A Harvard College and Harvard Business School graduate, she has held innovations-oriented marketing management positions for the world’s top consumer brands, including: Procter and Gamble, Campbell Soup Asia, and Polaroid. As vice president of marketing for the U.S. professional and business division at Polaroid, Judy overhauled the division’s marketing mission, strategy, and organization, including launching their first-ever online business.

Judy’s coaching approach is strongly informed by her experience as a bilingual, immigrant, Chinese-American woman who has achieved cross-cultural success throughout her life. Judy leverages interpersonal communication as the platform for bridging culturally diverse people toward shared outcomes.