Managing Incompetence

Monday, August 19, 2013 11:00am - 12:00pm EDT  
Host: Association for Talent Development
By: Gabriel Ginebra, Professor of Management Skills, University of Abat Oliba CEU and ---anonymized--- ---anonymized---, ---anonymized---, ---anonymized---

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Gabriel Ginebra author of Managing Incompetence, will share his thoughts and some tips from his book, which was recently translated and published in English by ASTD.

"The great deeds of mankind were not accomplished by a handful of geniuses, but by a bunch of incompetent people. Albeit, incompetent people with a bit of luck, a bit of coordination, and a bit of management. The difference has much to do with how people are managed," says Ginbera.

He wants us to know and understand the true definition of who and what we need to manage. Competence actually manages itself; incompetence needs management.

"You think you are surrounded by incompetent people. It's true. But you must know from the start - this is my twofold approach in this story - that if you deem more than a quarter of the people around you as incompetent, then you are the most incompetent of them all."

Join Ginebra for an eye-opening and humorous look at managing.


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Gabriel  Ginebra
Gabriel Ginebra

Professor of Management Skills, University of Abat Oliba CEU

Gabriel Ginebra Serrabou began his career as a professor at the Institute of Higher Business Studies (IESE) School of Business at the University of Navarra, and later taught at academic institutions throughout Spain and abroad. He has an MBA and a doctoral degree in workplace organization. He has directed consulting projects for companies in a wide range of industries, including finance, pharmacy, healthcare, logistics, and media. Currently Gabriel is a professor of Management Skills at the University of Abat Oliba CEU. He directed the Nicomachean project, which combines classical thought with management competencies.

Nacido en Barcelona. Es licenciado en Filosofía y Doctor en Organización de Empresas, además de MBA por IESE. Inició su actividad como profesor de IESE, de la mano del maestro Juan Antonio Pérez López, y la continuó en otras escuelas de negocio (San Telmo, EADA, IESDE, CEU) y universidades (Pompeu Fabra, URV y Abat Oliba). Ha dirigido proyectos de consultoría y formación in company para decenas de empresas de todos los sectores y tamaños. Actualmente es profesor de habilidades directivas en la Universitat Abat Oliba CEU de Barcelona. Dirige el proyecto Nicómaco para acercar el pensamiento clásico a las competencias directivas. Desarrolla el modelo del Líder Pacífico.

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