Intercultural Communication: Leaping over Boundaries

Wednesday, November 6, 2013 8:00am - 9:00am EST  
Host: Association for Talent Development
By: Susan Gimm, CEO and Executive Coach, Korea Coaching Center; Ken Gimm, Chairman, Korea Leadership Center; and ---anonymized--- ---anonymized---, ---anonymized---, ---anonymized---

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As organizations become more global, they come across more challenges in intercultural communication. Naturally, a wide range of communication problems emerge within an organization, as individuals come together from different religious, social, ethnic, and educational backgrounds. Unfortunately, a lack of intercultural communication skills deters collaboration amongst these individuals.

In this webcast, you will hear how intercultural communication skills training can be applied to people from different countries and cultures. You will learn how to act, communicate, and change your paradigm for synergistic cooperation. You will learn to identify and assess intercultural communication problems in your organization and develop the insight to apply best practices that have been proven in Asia. You will learn:

  • culture and language are not the main barriers
  • common causes of dysfunctional intercultural communication
  • transformational skills that enable you to leap over intercultural boundaries
  • best practices in developing cultural intelligence.


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Susan Gimm
Susan Gimm

CEO and Executive Coach, Korea Coaching Center

Dr. Susan Gimm taught in the U.S. college system before moving to Korea to train Korean CEOs and senior executives. She has introduced the coaching concept to Korean organizations and training firms, and has initiated Contents Convergence to train women executives in the areas of communication, leadership, cross-culture, and others. She is a well-known keynote speaker, facilitator, and executive coach.

Ken Gimm
Ken Gimm

Chairman, Korea Leadership Center

Dr. Ken Gimm has advised many Korean CEOs and senior executives on several change initiatives. His unique style of combining training with coaching has helped many Korean executives to improve their bottom lines.

He has written articles and columns for more than three dozen Korean newspapers and magazines, including Chosun Daily, Dong-a Daily, Choongang Daily, Mae-Kyung Economic Daily, Asia Economic Weekly, and Korean Economists. He has appeared on more than 150 Korean radio and television programs, including KBS, MBC, SBS, and EBS.

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Wei Wang is the director of International Relations for the American Society for Training & Development (ASTD). 

Wei holds a PhD in Human Resource Development from The Pennsylvania State University, and a master's in Management from Nankai University in China. She is also a Certified Professional in Learning and Performance (CPLP).