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Lead in 30

Lead In 30™ is a global leadership development training company that transforms every manager’s ability to lead in just 30 days. Utilizing the Leadership Operating System (LeaderOS)™ managers become “The 3rd Leader” by enhancing clarity, alignment, and movement toward key results. Through a mix of live classroom training, on-demand learning, and weekly peer discussions, participants gain essential skills, propelling them from managers to world-class leaders.

Companies like HCA Healthcare, Amazon, Cigna, Lockheed Martin, Johnson & Johnson, Hormel Foods, Sutter Health and many others have transformed their managers into leaders of high-performing teams in just 30 days, achieving outcomes like reducing attrition by double digits, increasing NPS scores, doubling Employee Engagement, increasing their customer and patience experiences, exceeding sales quotas, and many other key results.


  • Leader In 30 Course

    At the center of Lead In 30 is the Leader Operating System, or LeaderOS. It focuses on three core competencies:

    CLARITY: Where are you leading us? What does success look like? Of all the things we’re measuring, what matters most?

    ALIGNMENT: Leaders often think they have an execution or accountability problem when what they really have is an alignment problem. They confuse awareness for alignment.

    MOVEMENT: A true leader understands bias and builds the right habits into their leadership style to overcome them. They generate the movement needed to accelerate achieving the key results.

    Leader In 30 Course

  • Lead In 30 Course Overview

    Lead In 30 is a revolutionary leadership development program backed by decades of research and experience that transforms every manager’s ability to lead – in just 30 days. Using predictable patterns based on management styles, leaders become what we call The 3rd Leader. They create Clarity around what matters most. Their team appreciates working for someone with vision. The 3rd Leader builds Alignment and understands it’s different than awareness. And they generate Movement by doing something we call rewriting the script. More »

    Lead In 30 Course Overview
  • Meet the 3rd Leader White Paper

    Most leaders are driven by a desire to be successful. They want to hit their numbers. They want to grow their careers, their income, and their impact. They think often about those things. Unfortunately, they don’t spend as much time thinking about what kind of leader they want to become. The reality is they have a choice. They get to decide how they will lead. What they need is a way of framing up that decision. They need a map to follow. They need options to consider. Each leader has crossed paths with bosses they want to emulate and others they’d desperately like to forget. Informally, we all develop lists of things we want to a... More »

    Meet the 3rd Leader White Paper
  • Achieve Success with LeaderOS

    Leader OS is a simplified, scalable framework that helps leaders prioritize and embody the core competencies necessary for effective leadership. It provides a clear roadmap for leadership success, ensuring you stay focused on what truly matters. Essentially, Leader OS helps streamline the approach to leadership. It helps leaders stay organized, focused, and effective in their roles. More »

    Achieve Success with LeaderOS
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