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Artha Learning is a world-class, award-winning, end-to-end learning solutions firm specializing in digital learning. We collaborate closely with our clients as their learning partners and bring strategic solutions to achieve their learning outcomes. We design and develop blended and fully digital eLearning courses spanning a variety of topics, across industries and verticals, in multiple languages. We leverage best practices in digital and adult learning. All of our work is accessible and inclusive.

Our work is always:
Meaningful - Our highly skilled, well educated, experienced and talented team understands adult learning and builds content that is relevant, contextual, impactful and meaningful.
Accessible - All of our work is compliant with WCAG standards, with careful attention to transcripts, closed captioning, screen readability, colour contrast, keyboard navigation and all such details.
Inclusive & Context Sensitive - We proudly showcase the world's diversity -- in all its different forms -- in all of our modules, so learners can see themselves reflected in their learning experience. 


  • Custom e-Learning Development

    Our team of talented learning designers take the time to listen carefully and learn about your organization’s unique needs and goals, understand the learner persona, and build your specific solutions that range from a multi-module gamified eLearning curriculum to a short microlearning video.

    Truly customized to meet your needs, our eLearning and blended solutions engage and immerse your learners, inspire real learning and deliver meaningful results for you.

    More Information » arthalearning.com/custom-development

    Custom e-Learning Development
  • Ready+® Course Library

    Ready+® is a collection of eLearning courses that are ready-to-go, and customizable to your organization.

    Ready+® provides you with the flexibility to provide your learners valuable information in a timely manner, in a context that feels real.Add your own logo, colours, fonts and even your company specific content to a white-labeled course designed with all the basic information you need.

    If you’re tired of paying subscription fees for content you can’t even customize, talk to us! Our expanding library of 30-minute courses on key business issues might have what you need!

    More Information » www.readypluscourses.com

    Ready+® Course Library
  • AI-enabled eLearning

    eLearning modules enhanced with Generative Artificial Intelligence (ChatGPT) capabilities can add new powerful methods to learning within your existing LMS and authoring tool!Artha Learning makes it possible to bring AI-enhanced eLearning to your organization. Use an easily customizable widget and stay on the edge of innovation with the latest in AI Technology integrated right within your eLearning modules.

    You could have Artha's team build it for you, or build it yourself using ourAIReady tool. 

    More Information » www.arthalearning.com/aiready

    AI-enabled eLearning


  • Case Study

    Building Entreprenuership via eLearning: Check out this case study about how Artha satisfied client’s specific needs by creating a digital solution using narratives to guide learners along a learning journey with unique, compelling and experiential learning experiences. More »

    Case Study
  • Case Study

    Scaling Personalized Learning for Software Training: See how Artha conducted a needs analysis to identify the roles and responsibilities of MSF’s global audience to replace in-class workshops. This empowered the learners to use complex stock management software with proficiency and mitigate the ongoing business problem of data entry errors. More »

    Case Study
  • Case Study

    Building a Safer Workplace with eLearning: Read about how Artha created two compliance eLearning modules to improve workplace policies and prevent escalation of offending incidents. We accommodated a variety of employee groups through smart branching, personalization of cotnent and connected legalese workplace policies with real-world experiences. More »

    Case Study
  • Case Study

    Experiential Learning to Build Interpersonal Skills: Learn about how Artha bridged the gap between law school and the workforce for articling law graduates, with a focus on imparting core lawyer skills, professional ethics and character, and practice and self-management through a learn by doing approach. More »

    Case Study
  • Ready+ Course Library

    Artha Learning offers an exciting library of Ready+ ® courses that are an excellent solution for you when a fully custom eLearning solution isn’t necessary. Own the course (No ongoing subscription fees) and make it your own! Add your logo, colors, fonts – and even your company-specific content, so your employees feel the learning relates directly to them. More »

    Ready+ Course Library
  • Custom eLearning Design by Artha

    Custom eLearning services by a one-stop digital learning partner - when your eLearning needs to be Impactful & Immersive, Interactive & Engaging as well as Diverse & Accessible. More »

    Custom eLearning Design by Artha
  • About Artha

    One pager about Artha Learning Inc and our services. Building impactful eLearning solutions that drive business results, support performance, ensure compliance and enable cultural change is not a simple or easy task — but that’s exactly what we do for our clients! More »

    About Artha

AI-enabled eLearning
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