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BLR® is an industry-leading provider of management software and corporate training, empowering organizations to deliver on strategic objectives by upskilling staff, mitigating risk, and improving operational efficiencies. With nearly five decades of experience, we supercharge business performance with configurable EHS and policy management tools; superior analysis of DOL, EEOC, EPA, and OSHA regulatory updates; implementation guidance and compliance-related templates; and training courses to close skills gaps and meet mandatory state and federal requirements.


  • TrainingToday

    TrainingToday is a leading provider of online training content for employees and supervisors. Our extensive library of 850+ courses covers important training topics with engaging and interactive presentations, delivering practical advice and clear instructions that trainees will remember long after the training is complete.

    Training topic areas include:

    • HR Compliance
    • Environmental Compliance
    • Sales & Service
    • Leadership & Management
    • IT Software & Security
    • Business Skills
    • Anti-Harassment & Inclusion
    • Mental Health & Wellness
    • Workplace Safety

    With TrainingToday's intuitive LMS, you can easily customize learning paths, streamline reporting, and maximize learner engagement. Managers can easily stay aware of employees’ training status and your organization will be able to demonstrate that policies and procedures have been communicated.

    More Information » blr.com/solutions/employee-training/?utm_medium=pa...


  • An LMS that propels teams forward

    Exceptional training content serves as the cornerstone for a successful training program, and the method of delivering this content holds equal significance. TrainingToday offers top-notch training programs through a specially crafted Learning Management System (LMS) tailored for contemporary learners. Our expert-curated course content is not only customizable but also stays ahead of technological advancements, ensuring it remains current. The choice is yours—you can opt for our integrated LMS or seamlessly integrate our content with your existing system. Either way, we guarantee the delivery of industry-leading training content that al... More »

    An LMS that propels teams forward
  • Growing new managers with micro-learning

    TrainingToday's New Manager program will help future leaders to manage and lead with impact in their new roles by encouraging behaviors, mindsets, and actions that will improve trust and credibility and enhance their effectiveness. More »

    Growing new managers with micro-learning
  • Strategic training for a successful safety culture

    Achieve culture change and improve safety performance with the help of TrainingToday’s Safety Culture Library. Establish a strong safety culture to reduce safety incidents, lower worker compensation costs, increase productivity, and increase employee engagement and satisfaction. More »

    Strategic training for a successful safe...
  • TrainingToday DEI catalog

    TrainingToday's DEI in the workplace library is for employees to be able to demonstrate respectful workplace behavior and apply given techniques for improving relationships with coworkers to foster a welcoming and inclusive company culture. More »

    TrainingToday DEI catalog
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