Bridge is a leading learning (lms) and performance management software helping over 800 organizations train, develop, and up-skill their people.


Bridge is a learning + performance platform with a mission to eliminate learning and performance silos for HR, L&D, Managers, and Employees. We do this by combining learning management, performance management, career development, and engagement measurement into one unified experience. Bridge enables managers and teams to stay connected, and companies to develop their people with virtual training, manager/employees 1:1s, and career development plans (whether remote, dispersed, or on-premise).

Used by more than 800 companies worldwide, Bridge helps companies achieve their strategic people development goals by facilitating connection, alignment, and growth across the entire organization. Built on an industry-leading learning platform, Bridge is one of the only software solutions that can also provide integrated performance management tools (like manager/employee 1-on-1’s, goals tracking, and performance reviews), innovative career development and planning tools, and pulse survey and employee engagement analytics, into one platform.

Bridge is built with optimal user experience in mind... intuitive, clean, functional. As one of the highest-rated learning and talent platforms on the market, Bridge sees higher user adoption and customer satisfaction scores than many other products in the HR and LMS software category.


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