7 Tips to Launch a Successful Sales Enablement Solution

Tuesday, April 5, 2016 2:00pm - 3:00pm EDT  
Host: Association for Talent Development
By: Dave Romero, President, Unboxed Training & Technology and Caleb Keiter, Marketing Manager, Unboxed Technology

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There's a growing number of sales enablement solutions on the market, and it's becoming more difficult to know what tool or combination of tools will help reps meet and exceed their quotas. Even if you've already narrowed down your top choices, how do you get started using the tool and making sure usage continues?

In this webcast, we'll explore seven things you must address before rolling out any sales enablement solution. You'll learn about:

  • how to tie everyone's needs to a sales goal before getting started
  • great tools that work for your reps, not the other way around
  • defining success early, measuring often, and iterating quickly.


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Dave Romero
Dave Romero

President, Unboxed Training & Technology

As the chief product officer at Unboxed Technology, Dave’s goal is to revolutionize the user experience to enhance customer satisfaction and drive revenue growth for our clients. A biology major turned sales expert, Dave has more than 20 years of sales, training, and leadership experience. Prior to co-founding Unboxed, he held multiple senior-level positions making employee training and consumer marketing simple, intuitive, and engaging.

Dave makes the most of everything he has—especially time. He breaks things before making them better, loves a great shenanigan and general tomfoolery, and does nothing half-assed. His limitless energy and sense of urgency establish Unboxed’s company-wide momentum and commitment to get our clients what they need, when they need it.

Caleb Keiter
Caleb Keiter

Marketing Manager, Unboxed Technology

As the Marketing Manager at Unboxed Technology, Caleb’s goal is to share Unboxed’s story of making complex things simple with companies who struggle to achieve their training and sales goals. A lover of both the creative and analytical sides of marketing, Caleb is always ready to connect a good story with the right people.

Caleb loves his family more than anything. Running, photography, and crazy socks follow close behind. He likes his tea hot, his bourbon neat, and is always on the quest for a good fish taco.


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