Explore the Training Cycle With Global Master Trainers

Monday, September 12, 2016 9:00am - 10:30am EDT

Host: Association for Talent Development
By: Donna Steffey, President, Vital Signs Training; David Brown, Managing Partner, dbrownconsulting; Hamza Taqi, Chief Excitement Officer, Knowledge Consulting Co; Heather McMillen, Executive Director, MLP; and Claudia Salazar, Main Trainer, Training Investments S.A.S.

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In this webcast, a global panel of Master Trainers will share step-by-step techniques of how they engage multicultural participants through Master Trainer knowledge.

Using the Training Cycle they will share:

  • how a needs assessment is done in Africa
  • what special steps are used for designing learning in the Middle East
  • which criteria are used in South America to determine activities for use in training
  • how various performance evaluations are done in the United States.

Learn what tweaks are necessary to make these best practices work in your corner of the world.


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Donna Steffey
Donna Steffey

President, Vital Signs Training

Donna Steffey is an international trainer, author, adjunct faculty member at Lake Forest Graduate School, and ATD Master Trainer who helps organizations achieve their desired business results. Donna has facilitated programs with global audiences in 21 countries. She uses her platform experience to educate, inspire, and coach. It takes the right blend of insight, information, and humor to cause people to take an honest look at themselves and change.

Global organizations such as Boeing, Phillip Morris-South America, Underwriters Laboratory, and the Saudi Electricity Company have found that after Donna’s workshops, people were more self-directed, open to new ideas, and mindful of their responsibilities. Donna uses a blend of self-discovery, fun, research, and story to create a vital learning experience. Your participants will be motivated to hit their performance improvement targets and your training program will be a success!

David Brown
David Brown

Managing Partner, dbrownconsulting

David is the founder of dbrownconsulting, a Nigeria-based financial consulting and training firm. He has more than 15 years of financial consulting, advisory, and training experience. He is also a consultant to the World Bank, advising them on oil revenue modelling. David is also an ATD Master Trainer and a subject matter expert in accounting, finance, Microsoft Office, business intelligence, financial advisory, and financial modeling. Additionally, he is an instructional designer who has curated more than 50 courses in his field and trained more than 4,000 participants in four continents. He is currently designing an online course based on his curated content and regularly facilitates free webinars.

David is a chartered accountant; a member of CFA Institute, CFA UK, and CFA Nigeria; and a registered financial adviser with the Securities and Exchange Commission in Nigeria. He also has a diploma in antimoney laundering from ICA and Manchester Business School.

Hamza  Taqi
Hamza Taqi

Chief Excitement Officer, Knowledge Consulting Co

Hamza Taqi is an electrical engineer, a chartered marketer, and a workplace learning professional. Throughout his 20 years in the banking and telecom industries, Hamza was engaged in developing the businesses of multinational brands such as Visa, MasterCard, Nokia, Warner Bros, and Disney. As a chief excitement officer for Knowledge Consulting Co, Hamza has dedicated his life to the people element of marketing. His passion for transforming mindsets by touching hearts earned him the nickname Mr. Excitement.

Hamza is an ATD Master Trainer. He also gained certifications in coaching, consulting, leadership, and change management. Additionally, Hamza is a Certified Facilitator for The FISH! Philosophy and accredited Situational Leadership II Facilitator by Ken Blanchard.

Heather McMillen
Heather McMillen

Executive Director, MLP

Heather began her training career at a U.S. national retail chain while getting a degree in architecture from University of Texas. The chain's philosophy was that everyone should be a trainer of colleagues and customers to increase sales through product knowledge and better customer service. After several years, she found herself working at the corporate headquarters managing the wholesale department. Training remained a large part of Heather's responsibilities; however, now she was responsible for training other retailers how to sell, install, and design storage solutions with store products. After a successful run at this, she became the U.S. director of education for a technology company where she developed, delivered, and supported all levels of knowledge and skills for a staff of more than 700. The training programs consisted of proprietary software solutions, Salesforce.com, leadership development, and customer service competencies. Recently, Heather moved to a consultancy firm specializing in administration and training for Salesforce.com. Heather is an ATD Master Trainer and Master Human Performance Improvement Consultant. She also holds many other certifications, including a T3 in SPIN Selling and Coaching Techniques, Talent Development Reporting Principles, Change Management, and Salesforce.com Administrator.

Claudia Salazar
Claudia Salazar

Main Trainer, Training Investments S.A.S.

Claudia Salazar is an ATD Master Trainer with a diploma in business communication management. She has more than 13 years of training experience specializing in T3s, high-impact presentation skills, and assertive communication. Claudia has managed to fuse the teaching methodologies she learned in Germany, and the creativity and recursion acquired in the United States, with the Latin-American dynamism of her native Colombia. Her participants receive a fusion of styles that helps them remember what they learned in class.