Coaching for Accountability and Motivation: Rewriting the Harmful Stories We Tell Ourselves About Work

Friday, April 27, 2018 11:00am - 12:00pm EDT

Host: Association for Talent Development
By: Annemarie Spadafore, Executive Coach, Spark!

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Accountability and motivation are essential for long-term business success; leaders often struggle with the challenge of both instilling these characteristics within individual staff members and ensuring they are part of the broader company culture. Accountability is necessary to ensure quality, promote safety, maintain positive work environments, and deliver results to customers. Motivation is key to retention and maximizing employee performance. This webcast will explore how coaching centered around questioning and addressing the powerful and sometimes harmful narratives we carry around inside our own heads is a crucial element of building internal accountability and motivation and driving these attributes throughout your culture.


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Annemarie Spadafore
Annemarie Spadafore

Executive Coach, Spark!

Annemarie Spadafore is an ICF-certified executive coach, facilitator, and business consultant who specializes in illuminating individual and team blind spots and collaborating with clients to co-design futures where they will thrive. She follows a sports-coaching model that incorporates baseline assessments and the co-creation of specific and measurable goals that produce business results. She serves as an empathetic accountability partner, ensuring clients perceive themselves and their options accurately and firmly supporting them as they move forward towards their goals. Learn more at www.coachmespark.com.