Getting Over Your Fear of Giving Feedback

Friday, April 6, 2018 1:00pm - 2:00pm EDT

Host: Association for Talent Development
By: Patrick Malone, Director of Key Executive Leadership Programs, American University

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Feedback: No one wants it, no one wants to give it. It’s a loaded word, and one that has the capacity to strike fear in the heart of both the recipient and the deliverer. But it’s more than the interplay of minds, language, and egos. The ability of leaders to foster organizational environments conducive to regular feedback isn’t easily cultivated. But failure to do so threatens our ability to achieve organizational objectives. In a time of leading amidst more complexity than ever, leaders and managers must uncover the secrets to making feedback work at all levels.

In this webcast, you will:

  • Review the neurological and biological factors that contribute to fear of feedback.
  • Address the organizational barriers that impact our ability to provide and receive feedback.
  • Uncover the organizational and personal costs of avoiding feedback.
  • Identify specific skills required to engage in the feedback loop.


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Patrick Malone
Patrick Malone

Director of Key Executive Leadership Programs, American University

Professor Malone is the director of Key Executive Leadership Programs in the School of Public Affairs, Department of Public Administration and Policy, at American University. He is a frequent guest lecturer on leadership and organizational dynamics in state and federal agencies, professional associations, and universities, including the Fulbright Scholars Program and the Visiting Scholars program at Yale. He has extensive experience working with federal sector leaders both domestically and internationally. His research and teaching interests include public service motivation, adult learning theory, leadership, ethics, and organizational behavior. He is one of few researchers in the country certified to score the Subject/Object qualitative research methodology developed at Harvard University.

Dr. Malone is a retired Navy Captain, having spent 22 years in the Medical Service Corps. While in the Navy, he served in a number of senior leadership and policy roles, including as a professor at the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences; Academic Director; and Dean of Academics for Navy Medicine. His most recent publications include “Thinking Up,” “Selfies in the Workplace: Narcissists and the Public Manager,” “Go Ahead, Laugh—Why Humor Makes for a Better Workplace,” and “VulnerABILITY—Can Managers Benefit from Extreme Exposure?” His TED Talk, “Thinking About Time,” is available at http://tedxtalks.ted.com and his co-edited book, The Handbook of Federal Leadership and Administration, was published in November 2016.