Organizational Relevance: The Key to Being Heard

Monday, April 8, 2019 1:00pm - 2:00pm EDT

Host: Association for Talent Development
By: Pat Bodin, CEO, Bodin Consulting

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In this age of digital transformation, business proceeds at breakneck pace. Thirty years ago, when Pat Bodin started in the corporate world, companies moved much slower, akin to a Class-II whitewater rapid. The executives at the helm of the lead boat negotiated the rapids, dragging everyone else behind in another boat. Support functions like training and development definitely didn’t have a place in the lead boat, but it didn’t matter much, as the convoy still succeeded moving at a manageable pace. But today, companies demand agility, responsiveness, and foresight as they traverse dangerous Class-VI rapids. Insufficient or ineffective training and development leaves your organization perched precariously on the edge of a major crisis, potentially provoking financial catastrophe, deteriorating customer loyalty, and destroying your brand reputation in the marketplace. Damage comes in more insidious forms as well, including the repercussions of ineffective production and communication, or the cancer of a toxic organizational culture. Despite these treacherous waters, we still struggle to be truly heard by the leadership about the potential dangers and opportunities for growth we see, to the detriment of our organization. Pat Bodin, the bestselling author of Get in the Boat: A Journey to Relevance, will discuss the keys to discovering organizational relevance. Unlock relevance and be heard! 


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Pat Bodin
Pat Bodin

CEO, Bodin Consulting

Pat Bodin started his career over 30 years ago as a certified public accountant. After a few years helping businesses make strategic decisions to thrive through numbers, he shifted his efforts into the burgeoning field of open computing. A blossoming field with the power to transform organizations, Pat focused his ability to cultivate success away from numbers and toward technology. His distinguished career included renowned organizations Lockheed Martin, Turner Broadcasting, and Cisco Systems.

In 2003, Pat recognized the technology education market was desperate for guides that exemplified competency, experience, and know-how. He set out to create a light in the darkness with his upstart training company, Firefly. As founder and CEO, he led Firefly’s growth and expansion into one of the largest consulting and education companies worldwide.  Firefly’s reach spanned the globe, operating in 82 countries, 6 continents, and 22 languages. Firefly’s wildly successful rise was acknowledged with Cisco’s Global Learning Partner of the Year award for 2012.

Since then, Pat’s interest has been in business relevance and continuous improvement. He delves deeply into these topics in his international bestseller, Get in the Boat: A Journey to Relevance. Pat holds a master’s degree in taxation awarded by the University of Texas at Arlington and bachelor’s degree in accounting from the University of South Alabama.

Ever dedicated to continuing education, Pat keeps his skills sharp through diverse professional trainings and certificates and is proud to hold a Lean Six Sigma certification from Villanova University.