End-of-Year Guide for Your Managers: Promotions, Performance Reviews, and Planning

Tuesday, December 1, 2020 2:00pm - 3:00pm EST

Host: Association for Talent Development
By: Katie Miller, Marketing Events Strategist, BizLibrary and Brianna O'Hara, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, BizLibrary

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The end of year can be a giant juggling act for everyone, especially managers. Meeting quarterly and annual goals, creating and casting a vision for the future, and having annual performance conversations with their teams (which can be sometimes awkward and downright dreaded!) it’s easy for managers to fall into chaos if they are not properly trained to close out the year. How can we make the end of the year a momentum-building experience for managers?

Join Katie Miller and Brianna O’Hara to learn top strategies for supporting managers for a successful year end. They have helped many managers master the balance between having impactful performance reviews and recognizing promotional opportunities within top talent all while exceeding their current goals and planning a successful future.

During this interactive webcast, you will leave with knowledge about:

  • The top key areas for training managers and leaders
  • A framework to help individuals self-evaluate their readiness for promotion
  • How to have performance reviews that are a positive experience now and for future results
  • Tips to help managers meet goals while setting a strong vision for the future


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Katie Miller
Katie Miller

Marketing Events Strategist, BizLibrary

As the marketing events strategist, Katie Miller spends her days researching and writing webinar content, presenting and moderating webinars for the HR and L&D industry, as well as hosting events with other presenters and partners. She is also responsible for the coordination and management of client-facing events, including BizLibrary's annual client conference. 

Brianna O'Hara
Brianna O'Hara

Sr. Product Marketing Manager, BizLibrary

Brianna O’Hara is the content and creative manager at BizLibrary, driving the strategies behind branding, and product, client, and content marketing. She collaborates with various departments including the product team to clearly and effectively share BizLibrary solutions with the HR and L&D industries. Her passions include anything marketing, technology, learning, and family-related. Traveling would have made the list but Brianna’s three toddler-aged daughters keep her pretty “grounded,” literally.