Understanding the Compass of Your Customer in Uncertain Times

Thursday, April 16, 2020 11:00am - 12:00pm EDT  
Host: Association for Talent Development
By: Mark Jones, COO and Jeff Kober, CEO, World Class Benchmarking

People have different needs, whether they are employees, customers, or contract workers hired for your facility. To exceed expectations, you need to understand the most important drivers that form each individual’s preferences. Only then can you and your team confidently—and effectively—focus your efforts.

World-class organizations create superior outcomes by better engaging their staff and customers, which leads to higher levels of satisfaction, loyalty, and financial results. Join former Disney leaders and culture/service experts Mark David Jones and J. Jeff Kober as they walk you through a proven behind-the-scenes operational tool used to go beyond merely knowing about your customer to truly understanding them.

Program Highlights:

Needs: What are the foundational needs of your customers and employees?
• What ultimately drives all human preferences?
• What five essential needs affect customer loyalty most?

Style: Appreciate the unique qualities and attributes of your coworkers and customers.
• Discover the four different styles.
• Recognize when you are working with people who are a different style than you.
• Get tips on dealing effectively with those who are different from you.

Expectations: How do you consistently exceed them?
• What are the expectations of your customers and employees?
• Learn why you often fall short.
• What are the clues to look for to discover their real expectations?

Walk: How does one move from theory to real world?
• How do you walk in the shoes of your customer?
• Anticipate their most relevant needs and wants.


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Mark Jones
Mark Jones


Mark David Jones’s accomplished career at Disney spanned 26 years as he worked in various leadership roles including the Disney Institute, where he was in charge of leadership, customer service, and innovation initiatives. Jones has a long list of proven success stories leading transformation efforts at more than two dozen Fortune 500 companies, using proven strategies and tactical tools to transform leadership, employee engagement, customer satisfaction, and operational excellence. In addition, he is a contributing author to The ASTD Leadership Handbook, a definitive collection of who’s who among leadership experts.

Jeff  Kober
Jeff Kober

CEO, World Class Benchmarking

For more than 35 years, former Disney leader J. Jeff Kober has been in the trenches, providing training and development solutions for the private, public, and nonprofit sectors. Such activities have been as diverse as providing leadership development for corporate executives at GE to removing red tape with federal agencies, to helping improve customer service globally at Starwood Hotels & Resorts. Kober is the leading authority on Disney best practices, having written books like The Wonderful World of Customer Service at Disney and Disney, Leadership, & You.