Volunteering Provides a Value-Added Career Boost

Friday, April 23, 2021 2:00pm - 3:00pm EDT

Host: Association for Talent Development
By: Howard Prager, Founder, Advance Learning Group and Richard Hicks, RLH Consulting

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Volunteerism allows people and organizations to flourish. It accelerates personal and professional success while meeting the needs of organizations that want and value your help. Rick Hicks and Howard Prager will share ways that strategic volunteering—volunteering with a purpose—can help all involved. Businesses and associations relying heavily on volunteerism allows them to attract and retain talent through the professional development and personal growth offered to volunteers. With the culmination of National Volunteer Week, Rick and Howard will help you consider the ways you can advance your career path and your capabilities through volunteerism and will demonstrate how strategic volunteering is in you and your organization’s best interests.


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Howard Prager
Howard Prager

Founder, Advance Learning Group

Howard Prager is president of Advance Learning Group, an author, speaker, executive coach, and leadership consultant who strengthens people and organizations through insightful management programs which have earned eight professional awards. Howard is a sought-after speaker and workshop leader, a weekly sports columnist, and tuba player, bringing his varied skills and insights to all his work. He is an active volunteer, facilitator, and mentor in higher education, professional associations, and youth organizations. Howard began volunteering as a chapter leader in Chicago and became a national board member and NAC leader and continues to volunteer for ATD. Howard revisited the concept of service learning in bringing volunteering into leadership growth. He is the author of the soon-to-be released book Make Someone’s Day: A Guide for You and Your Organization. For more information, go to howardhprager.com. 

Richard Hicks
Richard Hicks

RLH Consulting

Rick Hicks loves working with people who have a passion for making a difference. He is an executive consultant focused on engaging with business leaders to improve profitability through enhancing the people side of the business, controlling costs, and improving quality. Rick has proven expertise in operations management, leadership development, strategy, team transitions, behavior-based safety, group dynamics, and client relations and in-depth experience with companies in multiple industries, multiple countries, and in various life-cycle stages from high-growth to retrenching modes.